Update : Dragon Ball Super Collected Manga Available Tomorrrow

As previously reported by Kanzenshuu tomorrow will see the debut of the first collected Dragon Ball Super manga containing the first 9 chapters of the monthly series.

Additionally, this volume will include a joint interview with Akira Toriyama and Toyataro where they discuss the future of the Dragon Ball story. Whether this will be subtle hints at what we can expect from the coming chapters and episodes of the Dragon Ball Super or spinoffs, one shot mangas or TV specials remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, with the end of the Universe 6 tournament drawing near it will be interesting to hear what is to come.

Keep watching this space for updates on the manga and all things Dragon Ball.




Take new Dragon Ball movie reports with a grain of salt

Fans all over the net have been ecstatic over news of a new Dragon Ball movie to possibly complete a trilogy comprising of said film and Battle of Gods and Resurrection F.

However, as of now the news has not been reported by reliable sources.

If anyone wants to hear about an upcoming movie (if its coming) please check Kanzenshuu (best Dragon Ball online resource). There are many sites out there who will spread false information, take each of them with a grain of salt until something concrete from TOEI Animation has been published.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 04 – “Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang’s Great Strategy”

Following on from the previous episode, this episode is foremost a continuation of the setup for Bulma’s birthday party and the awkwardness over the absence of Goku and Vegeta. Moreover, Pilaf and gang are devising a plan to snatch the Dragon Balls, which are the ultimate prize for a promised bingo tournament. With that said there are a number of points I would like to make in reviewing this episode.

Firstly, compared to the previous three episodes where the pacing was fine based on everything that happened this episode gives the impression that Super is really taking its time to set up certain plot elements. For example, some of the comedy elements are being dragged out more so than what is necessary. In the episode’s source (Battle of Gods) pilaf and gang were introduced briefly before their chance to get the Dragon Balls, whereas in this episode they are shown out at sea where another obstacle phase them before they can even reach that location. Now how far this will continue in the coming episodes remains to be seen, but such elements should only be given in moderation. Comedy is fine in Dragon Ball, as the series started off as a gag manga, but it is important to divide it fairly between all characters who are important at any given time, so depending on how well each character has their say in the coming episodes will determine how well the pacing compliments that.

Additionally this was the first episode to show any sort of shift in the art style, such was the case with the thick black lines drawn around some characters, reminiscent of several 90s American cartoons. Of course this isn’t a massive issue by and large, but for Dragon Ball it is unusual and inconsistent with the animation style that has been established since 1986. Otherwise, as with the previous episodes it’s looking good, it’s very colourful, crisp and clean as a modern animated show should be.

Norihito Sumitomo’s music is also working well with the show thus far. The quiet moments may alienate some of the older Bruce Faulconer fans when the English dub is released, but for a lot of the hardcore fans accustomed to Shunsuke Kikuche it will be easier to sell. In particular the harmonious tones used during the cruise ship scenes were suited for the moment, especially when food is offered to characters and their presence is welcomed. These musical choices also provide a good contrast against the more ominous tones used towards the end of the episode during a conversation between Kaiosama and Goku where the latter is informed of the danger he may be about to face.

Overall, it’s a fine episode but if you’ve seen Battle of Gods you wouldn’t be missing out on a whole lot rather than a more padded form of the same narrative.

K&K Productions to release “Saiyan Saga” Web Series

In recent months British film company K&K Productions were waiting to meet with TOEI Japan about releasing live action Dragon Ball content.

In today’s update co-director Harry Kirby revealed that while TOEI Japan isn’t interested in collaborating with them they will be going ahead with the web series.

Additionally the company plan to deliver the best quality possible.

Some of their plans include use of the latest in filming and photographic technology in order to shoot in 4K, partnering with Cosplay Corp and a large visual effects company to deliver high quality costumes and blockbuster-style special effects.

Kirby also stated a sample video will be released soon to showcase what can be expected from the finished product. Subscribe to them on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for further updates.

Current Update

Saiyan Saga Trailer

Banpresto Goku figures for sale on Amazon

Recently Youtuber Dragon Ball Nation has started making product reviews for Dragon Ball action figures, and the two he has done so far look very promising. The products reviewed on his channel thus far cover Banpresto’s line of figures, which include Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSgSS) Goku (from Resurrection F) and Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Dragon Ball GT).

This SSgSS Goku figure, running at $33.00 ships fropm Taiwan but does not ship to all territories. Nonetheless, it is a well-designed figure for collectors.

Additionally the Super Saiyan 4 Goku figure can be purchased from Banpresto, but this one offers free shipping (if you’re living in the United States) or added costs if you live elsewhere (for example €8.82 for delivery to the UK and Ireland). It has dropped from $39.99 to $24.92.

Be sure to check either product if interested, and also Dragon Ball Nation’s Youtube channel for his upcoming Vegito figure review and more future Dragon Ball content.

Geekdom101 Releases New “Dragon Ball Lost In Translation” Series

In the last four months Geekdom101 has emerged as the most promising new Dragon Ball Youtuber. His videos cover news and misconceptions in the Dragon Ball series and fandom.

The new series – Dragon Ball Lost In Translation goes to the very source the problems that have arisen with the English dubs, and sheds some light on how it happened, for those fans who were unaware this new series will serve as a good educational tool.

Be sure to check out Geekdom’s channel.

Justin Cook Talks ‘Resurrection F’ and ‘Dragon Ball Super’ with IGN

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con IGN spoke briefly with Justin Cook, dub voice of characters such as Dende, Super Buu and Raditz. In their interview Cook answered some questions about the upcoming Resurrection F, and some popular fan questions.

Initially asked about whether or not the new movie confirms that Dragon Ball GT is no longer canon Cook was sceptical.

“Well you know, I don’t know” he responded “I mean there has been a line of logic that says yes it does, but then on the other hand it takes place so far after the events of GT that perhaps it will stay in, I think only time will tell if GT ends up exiting the canon or not”. This was likely a misstatement on his part considering the fact Resurrection F actually takes place before the end of Z. He was probably saying this movie was made years after GT was produced, so Toriyama and the writers at TOEI likely have new ideas for the pre-GT timeline, which may contradict that series.

Cook was also delighted to see the comedy aspect being brought back to the franchise, but also for Resurrection F to cater to fans who want an action heavy work true to Z.

“It was a great blending of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z whereas Resurrection F really kind of hits the Dragon Ball Z audience very much. You’re talking a lot more fighting, a lot more action, the silliness is kind of drawn back. There is comic relief, which is, Beerus and Whis will make a return in this movie”

Naturally, being with Funimation Cook was asked about Dragon Ball Super.

“I can say that I’ve seen the first episode as I’m sure most of the public has, and I can tell you we’re really excited about the show for sure, as to what the future is”. Additionally, asked about a possible dub, Cook was hopeful “I would imagine”.

Cook was also asked about his favourite part of the series.

“To me the beauty of Dragon Ball Z, quite frankly, I know this sounds really cheesy is the lessons that come out of it – the pride before the fall, friends above all else, I mean those kind of themes that run throughout the course of the 500+ episodes the series has run is ultimately the pulsing heart of that series, but, you know these characters have been developed, and continually developed and I think the great thing about these movies is that for the first time we’re getting to see Goku’s character get a little more developed, he’s always been the constant thing throughout the whole Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and so finally here we’re getting to see him grow a little bit as far as the training he’s doing and not wanting to merge with, you know, say Vegeta and make things go a little bit faster as far as the fights”.

Cook was also positive regarding Dragon Ball’s potential to continue from one generation to the next.

“I think that with the movies coming out now it has really made the generation gap, its blended that, so now I think you have parents now who are taking their kids to see these movies and they’re kids are getting involved, especially with Kai having been on for the last few years, it has really helped to introduce a new audience”.

Fans were also teased some explanation for the blue hair in Goku’s Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation.

“Well there is nothing in the film that states exactly why that happens, but I can assume that he just discovered it in Battle of Gods, that power, so I’m thinking that’s his stable form, and I think what we’re seeing in Resurrection F is a well-trained finalized form of this Super Saiyan God”.

Fans were also promised an explanation for the symbol on Goku and Vegeta’s Resurrection F gi.

“That’s going to be explained in the movie but that’s actually an autograph, so it turns out that the cast of Dragon Ball Z likes getting autographs as much as giving them”.

And of course Cook was asked about Jaco The Galactic Patrolman.

“Well this is a guy who polices the galaxy, ands makes sure that the races don’t necessarily intermingle, that there’s no saiyans on Earth, he hasn’t been doing a great job [LAUGHS]. But, he’s a fantastic new character in this new series, and this movie, really adds a lot, and I guess, you know, this is not really a spoiler because people have seen the opening for Super as well so I guess he’s here to stay”.