Resurrrection F 3D to be screened in 3D + Home Release

Fans of Dragon Ball Z who missed the brief UK and Irish theatrical run of Resurrection F can now avail of a second opportunity to see the film, as extra dates have been added, albeit this time a 3D release.

Manga UK added on their official website:

Following its phenomenal success in UK cinemas last Autumn, Manga Entertainment are thrilled to announce the re-release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in 3D for a limited time in 56 sites across the UK.

The film will be screened at select theatres across the UK in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and South and North Lanarkshire on January 20th.

No dates have been announced for Belfast or Dublin, but keep watching this space for your ticket information or MangaUK’s Facebook page where they will likely reveal new dates and venues once they are added, as was the case with last year’s theatrical run.

Furthermore, the film will receive a home release on Blu-Ray, DVD, and a combo collector’s edition on January 25th.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. Featuring the return of iconic villain Frieza, this movie has an original story written by Akira Toriyama with Tadayoshi Yamamuro taking directorial duties. Most of the Funimation voice cast starred in the movie including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The movie received a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.


‘Resurrection F’ ranked ninth highest grossing anime movie in US history

Once again Dragon Ball Z has made anime history, on completion of its North American limited nine-day theatrical run, Resurrection F has grossed nearly $8 million domestically.

The movie has taken the place of The Wind Rises, becoming the ninth highest grossing anime movie in US history Among the top ten are other internationally successful franchises such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon and standalone titles such as Ponyo and Spirited Away. The full list can be seen below.

Funimation CEO and founder Gen Fukunaga congratulated the fans who have stuck with the franchise for so long and helped it to achieve this feat.

It’s truly gratifying to see how this movie resonated with fans, I’m so thankful to the loyal fans who embraced this movie and who have been with us on this journey since we first introduced ‘Dragon Ball Z’ to American audiences 20 years ago.

Additionally, as some have anticipated further screenings have been announced for fans who want more. David Wengrod, VP of Theatrical Event Distribution at Funimation added:

Because of the ongoing demand from both fans and theaters owners, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ will continue to screen as an ‘encore release’ at various theaters across North America thru August 17. Fans should check with their local theaters or to determine exact locations.

Of course more screenings are to follow in the UK. Watch this space for further updates, including the global box office sales when they are released.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. Featuring the return of iconic villain Frieza, this movie has an original story written by Akira Toriyama with Tadayoshi Yamamuro taking directorial duties. Most of the Funimation voice cast starred in the movie including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The movie received a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

Anime Feature Film Chart

Rank Title (click to view) Studio Lifetime Gross / Theaters Opening / Theaters Date
1 Pokemon: The First Movie WB $85,744,662 3,043 $31,036,678 3,043 11/10/99
2 Pokemon: The Movie 2000 WB $43,758,684 2,752 $19,575,608 2,752 7/21/00
3 Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie WB $19,765,868 2,411 $9,485,494 2,411 8/13/04
4 The Secret World of Arrietty BV $19,202,743 1,522 $6,446,395 1,522 2/17/12
5 Pokemon 3: The Movie WB $17,052,128 2,675 $8,240,752 2,675 4/6/01
6 Ponyo BV $15,090,399 927 $3,585,852 927 8/14/09
7 Spirited Away BV $10,055,859 714 $449,839 26 9/20/02
8 Digimon: The Movie Fox $9,631,153 1,825 $4,233,304 1,823 10/6/00
9 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ FUN $7,774,042 913 $1,817,914 183 8/4/15
10 The Wind Rises BV $5,209,580 496 $313,751 21 2/21/14
11 Howl’s Moving Castle BV $4,711,096 202 $427,987 36 6/10/05
12 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods SV $2,553,002 692 $296,414 62 8/5/14
13 Princess Mononoke Mira. $2,375,308 129 $144,446 8 10/29/99
14 Pokemon 4Ever Dim. $1,727,447 249 $717,061 249 10/11/02
15 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence GF $1,043,896 55 $317,722 47 9/17/04
16 From Up on Poppy Hill GK $1,002,895 49 $57,585 2 3/15/13
17 Cowboy Bebop IDP $1,000,045 29 $234,429 19 4/4/03
18 Paprika SPC $882,267 37 $35,593 2 5/25/07
19 Pokemon Heroes Mira. $746,381 200 $260,372 196 5/16/03
20 Metropolis (2002) Sony $722,932 16 $84,660 9 1/25/02
21 The Tale of The Princess Kaguya GK $703,232 29 $54,915 3 10/17/14
22 When Marnie Was There GK $559,544 57 $27,388 2 5/22/15
23 Akira Stl. $553,171 2 $11,263 2 12/25/89
24 The Last – Naruto the Movie Elev. $524,451 34 $179,370 23 2/20/15
25 Ghost in the Shell Palm $515,905 1 $2,736 1 2/2/96
26 Steamboy Triu $468,867 46 $136,148 39 3/18/05
27 Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion Elev. $375,627 76 $189,514 37 12/6/13
28 Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Elev. $180,440 5 $62,340 5 10/19/12
29 Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Elev. $177,802 42 $119,300 42 1/20/12
30 Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo Elev. $174,945 82 $110,825 82 1/10/14
31 Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust UVE $151,086 12 $25,521 6 9/21/01
32 X Mng $143,355 1 $6,672 1 3/10/00
33 Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance Elev. $133,640 15 $84,157 15 1/21/11
34 Tokyo Godfathers IDP $129,560 10 $29,259 8 1/16/04
35 Appleseed Gen. $129,135 31 $66,869 31 1/14/05
36 Perfect Blue Palm $112,536 1 $9,600 1 8/20/99
37 Anohana The Movie: The Flower We Saw That Day Elev. $109,630 41 $37,480 17 1/18/14
38 Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Elev. $107,797 6 $1,579 1 7/3/09
39 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Tid. $94,591 1 $7,098 1 6/22/01
40 Escaflowne: The Movie Band. $94,060 5 $16,692 5 1/25/02
41 Summer Wars GK $80,768 11 $1,412 1 12/24/10
42 Sky Blue MEP $74,663 5 $3,022 1 12/31/04
43 A Letter to Momo GK $71,712 7 $4,596 1 7/23/14
44 Trigun: Badlands Rumble Elev. $62,027 12 $29,201 12 7/8/11
45 Wings of Honneamise Tara $55,572 n/a 3/10/95
46 Tales from Earthsea BV $48,461 5 $20,614 5 8/13/10
47 Road to Ninja – Naruto the Movie Elev. $43,171 44 $19,017 40 8/29/14
48 Millennium Actress GF $37,641 6 $18,732 6 9/12/03
49 Expelled from Paradise Elev. $34,510 13 $18,869 13 12/13/14
50 Tiger & Bunny The Movie: The Rising Elev. $34,471 18 $23,171 18 3/14/14
51 K: Missing Kings Elev. $33,531 39 n/a 7/18/14
52 Spriggan ADV $25,824 5 $7,420 5 10/12/01
53 Short Peace Elev. $22,862 27 n/a 3/3/14
54 Blue Exorcist The Movie Elev. $21,796 7 n/a 8/17/13
55 Robot Carnival Stl. $10,642 2 $10,642 2 3/15/91
56 One Piece Movie: The Desert Princess and the Pirates Adventures in Alabasta BPic $6,587 97 $5,791 97 2/7/08
57 Tekkon Kinkreet SPHE $6,000 2 $6,000 2 7/13/07
58 Genghis Kahn: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea BPic $3,892 40 $3,332 40 2/21/08
59 Tamala 2010 Vita. $3,386 1 $3,386 1 4/2/04
60 Vexille BPic $3,259 97 $3,227 97 2/14/08
TOTAL (All Movies): $256,170,536
AVERAGE (All Movies): $4,269,509 331 $1,485,317 298
(Wide Releases Only):
(Wide Releases Only):
$23,062,854 1,747 $11,800,583 2,165


Schemmel Briefly Comments on upcoming projects (possibly Kai dub, and word on Super)

Recently at the New York City premiere for the latest Dragon Ball Z movie Resurrection F, Sean Schemmel was interviewed in which he was asked about a number of topics to his own training to voicing different characters, even Super and possibly the Buu saga of Kai.

Asked if he would like to play Vegito again Schemmel added:

We just recorded some… well I’m not supposed to say that

It is not clear what Schemmel’s comment refers to, but since he hinted previously he was working on Kai it is possible this is another reference to the as-of-yet unannounced English dub.

On the topic of Super, Schemmel revealed:

Funimation is still sorting out that, and I’ve been told that if they get it and they want to do it they want me but I have not worked at it in any legal fashion yet, but I’m ready for it if they want me so I’m ready for it, I want to do it

So, as many have anticipated a completed Kai dub is still on the cards, and Funimation is looking into a future dub for Dragon Ball Super. Keep watching this space for further updates as to when we can expect to see each.

UK and Ireland ‘Resurrection F’ Update : Theatrical Run and Home Media Releases

Ever since Manga UK’s MCM London Comic Con announcement there has been speculation amongst Dragon Ball fans in the UK and Ireland about the release of Resurrection F.

Now, many of us know the anime and manga industry on these shores is not what it is in the US. Battle of Gods did get a direct-to-video release on DVD and Blu-Ray, but unlike many other territories we weren’t given a theatrical release of that film.

This time, not only will Resurrection F get a theatrical run in theatres across the UK, but according to Amazon Resurrection F and Battle of Gods will be released for home media as a combo pack along with the standard single Resurrection F DVD and high definition Blu-Ray releases.

This is great news for Dragon Ball fans in the UK and Ireland as many will have a rare opportunity to see their favourite franchise on the big screen and support its distribution here.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. It will have an original story written by Akira Toriyama, and directed by Tadayoshi Yamamuro. Most of the Funimation voice cast will be returning including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The film will receive a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

Justin Cook Talks ‘Resurrection F’ and ‘Dragon Ball Super’ with IGN

This weekend at San Diego Comic Con IGN spoke briefly with Justin Cook, dub voice of characters such as Dende, Super Buu and Raditz. In their interview Cook answered some questions about the upcoming Resurrection F, and some popular fan questions.

Initially asked about whether or not the new movie confirms that Dragon Ball GT is no longer canon Cook was sceptical.

“Well you know, I don’t know” he responded “I mean there has been a line of logic that says yes it does, but then on the other hand it takes place so far after the events of GT that perhaps it will stay in, I think only time will tell if GT ends up exiting the canon or not”. This was likely a misstatement on his part considering the fact Resurrection F actually takes place before the end of Z. He was probably saying this movie was made years after GT was produced, so Toriyama and the writers at TOEI likely have new ideas for the pre-GT timeline, which may contradict that series.

Cook was also delighted to see the comedy aspect being brought back to the franchise, but also for Resurrection F to cater to fans who want an action heavy work true to Z.

“It was a great blending of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z whereas Resurrection F really kind of hits the Dragon Ball Z audience very much. You’re talking a lot more fighting, a lot more action, the silliness is kind of drawn back. There is comic relief, which is, Beerus and Whis will make a return in this movie”

Naturally, being with Funimation Cook was asked about Dragon Ball Super.

“I can say that I’ve seen the first episode as I’m sure most of the public has, and I can tell you we’re really excited about the show for sure, as to what the future is”. Additionally, asked about a possible dub, Cook was hopeful “I would imagine”.

Cook was also asked about his favourite part of the series.

“To me the beauty of Dragon Ball Z, quite frankly, I know this sounds really cheesy is the lessons that come out of it – the pride before the fall, friends above all else, I mean those kind of themes that run throughout the course of the 500+ episodes the series has run is ultimately the pulsing heart of that series, but, you know these characters have been developed, and continually developed and I think the great thing about these movies is that for the first time we’re getting to see Goku’s character get a little more developed, he’s always been the constant thing throughout the whole Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and so finally here we’re getting to see him grow a little bit as far as the training he’s doing and not wanting to merge with, you know, say Vegeta and make things go a little bit faster as far as the fights”.

Cook was also positive regarding Dragon Ball’s potential to continue from one generation to the next.

“I think that with the movies coming out now it has really made the generation gap, its blended that, so now I think you have parents now who are taking their kids to see these movies and they’re kids are getting involved, especially with Kai having been on for the last few years, it has really helped to introduce a new audience”.

Fans were also teased some explanation for the blue hair in Goku’s Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation.

“Well there is nothing in the film that states exactly why that happens, but I can assume that he just discovered it in Battle of Gods, that power, so I’m thinking that’s his stable form, and I think what we’re seeing in Resurrection F is a well-trained finalized form of this Super Saiyan God”.

Fans were also promised an explanation for the symbol on Goku and Vegeta’s Resurrection F gi.

“That’s going to be explained in the movie but that’s actually an autograph, so it turns out that the cast of Dragon Ball Z likes getting autographs as much as giving them”.

And of course Cook was asked about Jaco The Galactic Patrolman.

“Well this is a guy who polices the galaxy, ands makes sure that the races don’t necessarily intermingle, that there’s no saiyans on Earth, he hasn’t been doing a great job [LAUGHS]. But, he’s a fantastic new character in this new series, and this movie, really adds a lot, and I guess, you know, this is not really a spoiler because people have seen the opening for Super as well so I guess he’s here to stay”.

Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel at the ‘Resurrection F’ World Dub Premiere

At the world dub premiere for the latest Dragon Ball Z film Resurrection F held at Regal LA Live Stadium last Thursday (July 2nd), Robotunderdog spoke to Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel.

In the interview, both Sabat and Schemmel gave their thoughts on a number of interesting topics related to the film, the dub voice acting industry, and indeed, Dragon Ball Super.

Interestingly, Sabat when asked what he would like to see in the new series, which hasn’t yet happened in any installment of the Dragon Ball anime said:

I would like to see where this whole Super Saiyan God thing ends up, because we don’t know a whole lot about what this is. They have an interesting hint in the feature, if you recall, where Beerus leans down to Whis… I mean Whis leans down to Beerus and makes a comment about something that Beerus might have done that is instrumental in the whole storyline regarding Planet Vegeta, and that is very telling, it will be interesting to see what Beerus’ involvement in this whole universe has been throughout this time because it’s very possible that they could say he was there all along calling the shots and doing a bunch of weird interesting things

He also claimed to have seen a hint of what could happen from the Japanese to English translations for Ressurection F:

This movie also strongly hints, and it was very difficult reading the translation to know what exactly they meant, because I studied this translation to find out what he, what they were trying to say, but they might have been hinting at a possible fusion in the future but we don’t know that

Schemmel, who was first asked how it felt to have a second major theatrical release, specifically for an anime such as Dragon Ball Z added:

I can say that it helps legitimize that the stigma that somehow a dub or dub acting is not theatre-worthy, or not good acting, which you know, anime gets that bad rep sometimes. And so the fact that we had such a huge success with Battle of Gods, and you know, my experience of watching the Japanese version makes me think this will do twice as well because it’s not just a sequel, which everyone would go see for the hell of it, it’s a sequel that is actually as good or better than Battle of Gods

Moreover, he was asked about how he felt about fans, who often disassociate the quality of voice acting with the dubbing process:

Well what I meant within the context of anime and dubbed anime, that actors who worked on those shows typically don’t get as much recognition or belief that they are as good as people who record shows in America as, you know original shows that are not dubbed from other countries. And I think that Dragon Ball Z, Battle of Gods, and Resurrection F affect that it has a huge turnout proves that that is a load of shit [LAUGHS]

Finally, while asked what it’s like to play a hero as iconic as Goku, Schemmel stated:

Goku is an important iconic hero but he doesn’t have a wide spectrum of emotions, so you know, happy, angry or hungry is pretty much what you got. And a lot of actors will tell you this but playing heroes aren’t as fun as playing villains with the exception of a couple, and so comedy or villains are usually more fun than the hero. But Goku has, I get the gratification from not the acting aspect of it but how the character affects all the fans

See Robotunderdog’s video for the interview segments, and subscribe to their channel for more news on their upcoming Dragon Ball fan products.

New Dragon Ball Products For The UK and Ireland!

Over the next few months there are a few new Dragon Ball products that European and particularly Irish and UK fans can look forward to.

Just over a month from now, fans of Dragon Ball Z Kai in the UK and Ireland can expect a DVD and Blu-ray release for the series. The first season, which spans the Saiyan Saga will be released on 03 August 2015. The second season, which spans the Namek and Frieza Saga will follow on 08 September 2015. Expect details on the other two seasons soon.
The Kai dub released will be the same version KIX TV have been broadcasting for the past few years. The difference is that the DVD and Blu-ray will have all the blood, swearing and decapitation intact – in addition to the option to change between English and Japanese audio, and in its original 4:3 aspect ratio.

On 16 October 2015 the next instalment of the Dragon Ball games – Dragon Ball Z : Extreme Butoden will be released in Europe. Regarding the game and its mobility, Eric Hartness, the Vice President of Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. added:

Dragon Ball Z : Extreme Butoden lets players take Dragon Ball on the road while delivering a tight and engrossing fighting game experience developed by one of the most respected 2D fighting game developers in Japan.

The recent movie Resurrection F is also expected to receive a UK and Irish release in some form. Manga UK previously announced they have secured the rights to the film, but it is unsure whether this will be a theatrical release(s) or home release.

UK Filmmakers K&K Productions also said the following on 20 April 2015 on their Facebook account:

We know we are quiet at the moment guys, but we do have a BIG live action DragonBall Z project in the pipeline that we are working hard on.
We cant say to much right now, but we are really stepping things up a notch and we cant wait to start sharing more info with you all.
Thank you all for being patient and more updates to come!

While this comment did not reveal anything about the date(s) of the project, it is still worthwhile to keep updated through their Youtube channel.

That’s all the latest products for these shores soon to be released, but when there’s more they will also be revealed here.