Better Quality Production Promised For Upcoming ‘Light of Hope’ Episodes

In the last day RobotUnderdog has updated fans about the current status of the next two episodes of the upcoming live action Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope series.

In the latest Youtube video (which you can view below) the team talk about the process of making the upcoming episodes, the fan support, and some surprises too.

Director Donnie McMiIllin added the following “The next two episodes are going to be at least fifteen minutes each, and we’re going to be taking it to the next level, everything including acting, fighting and the effects”.

Moreover, the crew stated episode two will be similar to The History of Trunks anime special, episode three will have a time jump for the inclusion of older Trunks (not fighting Cell) and a surprise character will make a brief appearance.

In non-Dragon Ball related news the crew revealed news about their own original hero – Vigilantes, which Youtube provided them with all the gear and studio space to create content for, and the trailer can also be seen below.

Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope update

Vigilantes Trailer


Dragon Ball – New Book by Derek Padula

The next instalment of the Derek Padula’s Dragon Ball fandom books has just been released. In Dragon Soul : 30 Years of Fandom, fans can look forward to stories from 27 Dragon Ball professionals, including Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Chris Sabat (Vegeta) where they talk about how Dragon Ball changed their lives and why it’s such an important series internationally.

Additional professionals include the following:

Voice Actors
Chris Ayres (Freeza)
Chris Rager (Mister Satan)
Mike McFarland (Master Roshi)
Chuck Huber (Android 17)
Kyle Herbert (Son Gohan)
Jason Douglas (Beerus)
Chris Cason (Tien Shinhan)

Canadian Voice Actors
Peter Kelamis (Goku)
Brian Drummond (Vegeta)

Latin American Voice Actors
Mario Castaneda (Goku)
Rene Garcia (Vegeta)
Eduardo Garza (Krillin)

Other Voice Actors
Caspar Phillipson (Goku – Danish version)
Wendel Bezerra (Goku – Brazillian version)
Jose Antonio Gavira (Goku – Spanish version)
Eric Legrand (Vegeta – French version)
Julia Olivia (Chi-Chi – Spanish version)
Peter Secher Schmidt (Freeza – Danish version)

Funimation Employees
Justin Rojas
Adam Sheehan
Rick Villa

Other Professionals
Bruce Faulconer (Funimation Inhouse Dub composer)
David Hernando (manga editor)
Olivier Richard (French journalist)

In addition, the book contains stories from 81 fans in 25 countries, such as the following:
Lawrence Simpson (MasakoX) from Team Four Star
RobotUnderdog (creators of Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope)
Twitter star Goku
Malik (Dragon Ball New Age)
Salagir from Dragon Ball Multiverse
Marcus Brimage (MMA fighter)
Youtube celebrities : Nelson Junior (Casa do Kame), SSJGoshin4
Chris Stuckmann (Film critic)
Famous cosplayers : “living Ichigo”, Atara Collis, and Jah’lon Escudero
Patrick Galbraith, Nestor Rubio, and Vicente Ramirez (authors)

The book is written by Derek Padula, author of The Dao of Dragon Ball, writer and co-creator of Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope.

An ebook is available from Amazon, Apple, iBooks, B & N Nook, Kobo, and Padula’s site.

A print copy will be available within months.

Derek Padula talks current plans for “Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope”

Derek Padula has spoken to Paris Lay head writer, editor and host of Robotunderdog’s The Internet Show about the script he has written for the upcoming episodes of fan favourite web series Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope.

Derek Padula is a freelance website developer, who previously authored The Dao of Dragon Ball blog, and has written a book entitled Dragon Ball Z “It’s Over 9,000!” When Worldviews Collide.

Padula has been pleased with the fan support previously shown for the live action web series, stating “Episode 1 was a huge success, and I’m really grateful to all the fans for supporting us. One of the big reasons why it was successful was that we stayed true to the Dragon Ball source material”.

Speaking about current plans, he continued “And now with episodes 2 and 3 we have a much bigger budget, larger ambitions, and the bar for quality keeps rising higher, so, we need to keep things exciting and more interesting”.

Fans can expect the next two episodes of Dragon Ball Z : Light of Hope very soon. Derek Padula’s interview can be found at Robotunderdog’s Youtube channel.

Upcoming Live Action Dragon Ball Projects

James Wong’s 2009 Dragon Ball Evolution film still leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. For many this was proof that a live action Dragon Ball adaption is not, nor ever will be a good idea. However, as stated in my previous blog interest in the Dragon Ball community is going strong, unsurprisingly then is the fact there are fans familiar with the source material who are working on live action projects. Two I would like to draw to the readers attention here are a series by British film company K&K Productions and RobotUnderdogs’ Light of Hope (an adaption of The History of Trunks). The former have had support from Toei Europe, been offered distribution deals for their series, and are currently waiting to hear from Toei Japan on these matters. The latter are currently collecting donations to continue the series, and their Youtube account provides details of how to do so. With the promising appeal of each project I am confident that there will be very successful live action Dragonball content released in the coming months and years.