Dragon Ball Super Asian English dub to debut in India next month

It was previously revealed that an alternate English dub of Dragon Ball Super was to air on Toonami Asia.

Up until now it was unsure where this dub, which will not feature the Funimation cast would be released, but as of yesterday Dragon Ball Insider has named India as one of the countries where the dub is expected to air.

It is not sure when the dub will air in other Asian Pacific states, but the article names some of the other states, where fans may expect to hear news about the dub airing.

The dubbing company, and actors involved are still unknown, but this is the first news reveal about the dub since its initial announcement.

Dragon Ball Insider revealed:

Back in November is was revealed that Toonami Asia picked up the license for Dragon Ball Super marking this the first announcement of a release outside of Japan. With no definitive broadcast date announced at the time, earlier today the official Toonami India Twitter account revealed that Dragon Ball Super will begin airing “next month”.

Dragon ball super toonami india

This broadcast of Dragon Ball Super will be dubbed in English, however, it is still unclear which studio will be doing the dub. We do know, however, that FUNimation has no connection to this, but this does not mean that FUNimation won’t be dubbing Dragon Ball Super in the future. In this case the Asian Pacific Market will be getting a different English dub (yes there are multiple English dubs). We did reach out to Toonami Asia for more specific details regarding which studio will be doing the dub, but we have not yet heard back.

Toonami (Asia) is available in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Maldives, and India. As such, this still indicates that the series will not be released in the United States; it is solely being marketed for the Asian Pacific Market.

Dragon Ball Super is expected to receive a Funimation dub at a later point but it is unsure whether Ocean Productions or other companies previously involved with the Dragon Ball series will produce their own English dub of the series.

Keep watching this post for further details on the dub.