Take new Dragon Ball movie reports with a grain of salt

Fans all over the net have been ecstatic over news of a new Dragon Ball movie to possibly complete a trilogy comprising of said film and Battle of Gods and Resurrection F.

However, as of now the news has not been reported by reliable sources.

If anyone wants to hear about an upcoming movie (if its coming) please check Kanzenshuu (best Dragon Ball online resource). There are many sites out there who will spread false information, take each of them with a grain of salt until something concrete from TOEI Animation has been published.


Tickets for UK Screenings of ‘Resurrection F’ Now Available! [Belfast Announced]

Tickets for Resurrection F at select cinemas in the UK are now available from Empire Cinemas and Dragonballzuk and in Belfast from Odyssey Cinemas.

Marketing Director Andrew Hewson added “We are extremely pleased and proud to be bringing Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ to UK cinemas. This has been hugely successful in the U.S. and broke all sorts of records in the process. We’re hoping to replicate that level of enthusiasm and passion from UK audiences. Fans have been hungry for this type of cinema experience for years and it’s finally here! They asked and so we delivered.”

For fans who wish to see the Battle of Gods sequel at their nearest theatre please keep up with MangaUK via their Facebook page as all additional dates will be announced there. Currently the film will be playing at 32 select theatres across the UK and Ireland.

And for those who have asked about Irish dates rest assured I am in the process of contacting a number of theatres (including Cineworld and The Screen), and MangaUK to know when and if any will be announced, and if they are I will be sure to provide details at the earliest convenience.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. Featuring the return of iconic villain Frieza, this movie has an original story written by Akira Toriyama with Tadayoshi Yamamuro taking directorial duties. Most of the Funimation voice cast starred in the movie including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The movie received a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 04 – “Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang’s Great Strategy”

Following on from the previous episode, this episode is foremost a continuation of the setup for Bulma’s birthday party and the awkwardness over the absence of Goku and Vegeta. Moreover, Pilaf and gang are devising a plan to snatch the Dragon Balls, which are the ultimate prize for a promised bingo tournament. With that said there are a number of points I would like to make in reviewing this episode.

Firstly, compared to the previous three episodes where the pacing was fine based on everything that happened this episode gives the impression that Super is really taking its time to set up certain plot elements. For example, some of the comedy elements are being dragged out more so than what is necessary. In the episode’s source (Battle of Gods) pilaf and gang were introduced briefly before their chance to get the Dragon Balls, whereas in this episode they are shown out at sea where another obstacle phase them before they can even reach that location. Now how far this will continue in the coming episodes remains to be seen, but such elements should only be given in moderation. Comedy is fine in Dragon Ball, as the series started off as a gag manga, but it is important to divide it fairly between all characters who are important at any given time, so depending on how well each character has their say in the coming episodes will determine how well the pacing compliments that.

Additionally this was the first episode to show any sort of shift in the art style, such was the case with the thick black lines drawn around some characters, reminiscent of several 90s American cartoons. Of course this isn’t a massive issue by and large, but for Dragon Ball it is unusual and inconsistent with the animation style that has been established since 1986. Otherwise, as with the previous episodes it’s looking good, it’s very colourful, crisp and clean as a modern animated show should be.

Norihito Sumitomo’s music is also working well with the show thus far. The quiet moments may alienate some of the older Bruce Faulconer fans when the English dub is released, but for a lot of the hardcore fans accustomed to Shunsuke Kikuche it will be easier to sell. In particular the harmonious tones used during the cruise ship scenes were suited for the moment, especially when food is offered to characters and their presence is welcomed. These musical choices also provide a good contrast against the more ominous tones used towards the end of the episode during a conversation between Kaiosama and Goku where the latter is informed of the danger he may be about to face.

Overall, it’s a fine episode but if you’ve seen Battle of Gods you wouldn’t be missing out on a whole lot rather than a more padded form of the same narrative.

Don’t expect Vegeta to turn Super Saiyan 3 any time soon

Now that the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super – How Dare You Hit My Bulma! Vegeta’s Furious Mutation?! has aired it is arguable some of the air has been cleared regarding the previously suspicious title.

We know from this episode, and the manga chapter that Vegeta did not turn Super Saiyan 3, much to the disappointment of fans who were intrigued by the title, and it’s very unlikely to happen in the following episode judging by its preview.

It has long been a debate among the community about why Vegeta couldn’t achieve Super Saiyan 3, despite the fact that even if he attained it by the end of Z there was no need to show it off in a mere martial arts tournament, and most don’t consider GT canon so why would the absence there matter so much to them? Indeed, it could also come down to criticisms of GT’s writing, and the writers not factoring in the possibility of Vegeta attaining Super Saiyan 3, to the extent he made that out-of-character decision to skip it through artificial means.

Of course there are still fans who harbour hope a Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta will someday make a manga or anime appearance, because after all he did in Dragon Ball Heroes. But with Toriyama’s relatively recent comments about ascended Saiyan and beyond it is unlikely we will see Goku use the second and third forms again let alone Vegeta. And since both Goku and Vegeta could turn Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS) in Resurrection F it is unlikely Vegeta will need to revert back to the original transformations to surpass Goku, especially because SSGSS is stronger than Super Saiyan 3.

Don’t get me wrong I like Vegeta as much as the next person, but if the films and Dragon Ball Super will not be exploring Super Saiyan transformations other than the first form and the God transformations his use of Super Saiyan 3 wouldn’t make much sense in the context of the story.

It is for this reason I tend to believe Dragon Ball Super will be focusing more on the merits of the Super Saiyan God transformations, so if anything new transformations will be stronger variants of the forms introduced in Battle of Gods and Resurrection F.

And who knows maybe the God transformations will be more interesting than the standard Super Saiyan transformations. Only time will tell, but for the time being it seems the ship has sailed for Super Saiyan 2 and 3, and Vegeta is no exception.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 03 – “Where does the dream go!? Look for Super Saiyan God!”

The humour in this episode is mostly a product of Goku’s usual antics, getting overly excited about the prospect of a new challenger, King Kai’s love hate relationship with his debatable decisions, Roshi’s perverted habits. Conversely the serious elements give balance to this otherwise slice-of-life episode. For example the fear over Beerus’ rampage upon the universe, and his incredible power. There are promises for more of Goten and Trunk’s mini adventures, Majin Buu’s eating habits and Vegeta’s training (which is away from Bulma’s party).

Sumitomo’s music is also taking be used effectively to fit situations within the episode. During moments of the episode where Old Kai’s fear was great the score becomes more intense to illustrate the sense of dread. Additionally the instrumentation was more soothing during the welcoming to Bulma’s birthday party to highlight the sense of peace assumed by the attendants.

In terms of pacing it wasn’t too bad, although some would argue the lack of action in an action-based series or the length of time required to reach it is an issue but I believe the humour and banter between characters was sufficient. Whether this keeps up, and whether or not story elements are dragged out unnecessarily remains to be seen.

To sum up this episode should serve as an introduction to the setting for Goku’s battle with Beerus, and what all the other characters are doing at that time. It gives us a general idea of the similarities and differences that can be expected between this first saga and similar events in Battle of Gods.

UK and Ireland ‘Resurrection F’ Update : Theatrical Run and Home Media Releases

Ever since Manga UK’s MCM London Comic Con announcement there has been speculation amongst Dragon Ball fans in the UK and Ireland about the release of Resurrection F.

Now, many of us know the anime and manga industry on these shores is not what it is in the US. Battle of Gods did get a direct-to-video release on DVD and Blu-Ray, but unlike many other territories we weren’t given a theatrical release of that film.

This time, not only will Resurrection F get a theatrical run in theatres across the UK, but according to Amazon Resurrection F and Battle of Gods will be released for home media as a combo pack along with the standard single Resurrection F DVD and high definition Blu-Ray releases.

This is great news for Dragon Ball fans in the UK and Ireland as many will have a rare opportunity to see their favourite franchise on the big screen and support its distribution here.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. It will have an original story written by Akira Toriyama, and directed by Tadayoshi Yamamuro. Most of the Funimation voice cast will be returning including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The film will receive a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 02 – “To the promised vacation! Vegeta goes on a family trip?!”

Toriyama may have a habit of forgetting aspects of his own story, but when he remembers it certainly makes for good new stories. Over 20 years since Vegeta promised to take Trunks to an amusement park Dragon Ball Super has finally given the fans just that. The question, which this episode addresses is will that promise mean anything to Vegeta, and moreover does the idea of a break away from training appeal to the saiyan price at all?

As far as humour goes, there was some of it there but not a whole lot as this episode was quite serious. There were humorous moments for example during the dining scene, but during the concert scene it was more an illustration of how Vegeta is as a person, how he, as a saiyan acts in situations considered normal by those living on Earth. And while some fans might be disappointed because this episode wasn’t as action heavy as you would expect from a series following up from Dragon Ball Z, it is the sort of episode the franchise needs as these slice-of-life episodes can help some fans to identify with characters such as Bulma whose roles would be undermined during the big battles.

The introduction of Beerus also receives it’s welcome expansion. Without giving any spoilers this episode did justice to his “God of Destruction” title, which was the only thing missing from Battle of Gods (as good as it was). If certain aspects of that movie to be expanded upon, as this episode suggests there is much potential to develop the drama and sense of the ominous, which require an antagonist to cause some harm. In this respect the episode, through the use of juxtaposition sets up the coming Battle of Gods segment of the series in interesting ways. Old Kai and Kibitoshin’s disturbed tea break informs the viewer of the onset of opposition, while Beerus’ vision gives the other perspective that a worthy opponent may face him.

So as a whole this episode could be somewhat more important to the series as a whole than previously expected, only the remainder of the season will tell.