Quick Update on Site Navigation

This is the first post regarding where to find what on this site, which will probably become useful as this site grows. I will be making more update videos whenever general news regarding the status of the site are necessary. There will also be updates when there are plans for new categories, one of which will be a “Reviews” category for anime episodes, movies, specials, manga chapters and other Dragon Ball-related content.


In general news related to Dragon Ball will be divided into two sections, “Official” and “Fan Projects”.


This section will cover news of any new products (manga, anime, video games, etc.) licensed by the owners of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Fan Projects

This section will cover only the best media created by Dragon Ball fans. In particular I will be addressing filmmakers such as Robotunderdog and K&K Productions (who can be found on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook) that have done some well received content.


This section will offer ideas, and speculations related to Dragon Ball.


And of course, this post will be sectioned accordingly.