Dragon Ball Super Simulcast Extends to UK

Following the recent news of a Dragon Ball Super simulcast on a number of streaming services in North American and Australia, Anime News Network has revealed UK viewers will be able to access the simulcast on Daisuki.

Anime News Network
Daisuki Details Streaming Areas, Languages for Dragon Ball Super Stream
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Resurrrection F 3D to be screened in 3D + Home Release

Fans of Dragon Ball Z who missed the brief UK and Irish theatrical run of Resurrection F can now avail of a second opportunity to see the film, as extra dates have been added, albeit this time a 3D release.

Manga UK added on their official website:

Following its phenomenal success in UK cinemas last Autumn, Manga Entertainment are thrilled to announce the re-release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in 3D for a limited time in 56 sites across the UK.

The film will be screened at select theatres across the UK in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and South and North Lanarkshire on January 20th.

No dates have been announced for Belfast or Dublin, but keep watching this space for your ticket information or MangaUK’s Facebook page where they will likely reveal new dates and venues once they are added, as was the case with last year’s theatrical run.

Furthermore, the film will receive a home release on Blu-Ray, DVD, and a combo collector’s edition on January 25th.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. Featuring the return of iconic villain Frieza, this movie has an original story written by Akira Toriyama with Tadayoshi Yamamuro taking directorial duties. Most of the Funimation voice cast starred in the movie including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The movie received a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 1 Leaked


The first chapter for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super manga adaptation by Toyataro has been leaked.

The leaked chapter, written in Korean seems to reintroduce the story through flashbacks to Goku’s important battles against Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu before telling the reader about Goku’s return to a peaceful life on Earth, and a short moment between Beerus and Whis.

Watch this space for updates about an English translation when it becomes available.