Response to Blackenfist’s “Dragonball Super Episode 1 Review/Thoughts”

Today, Youtube Dragon Ball critic Blackenfist has offered his own review on the first episode of Dragon Ball Super. First of all, I would like to inform all readers I am a huge fist of Blackenfist’s work, I think he does great work making sense of some of the great complexities in the Dragon Ball universe. That said I am writing this response to credit him for his work, and to provide my own critique.

Blackenfist has stated the only problem he had with the first episode was the use of Dragon Ball Z footage from 1995 to give a back story before delving into the new story. Personally I have no problem with this. Granted some might see the usage of previous footage instead of reanimating old scenes as lazy I do think using the original film was a good choice because it provides a link between the that time in the franchise’s history (Dragon Ball Z) and the current (Dragon Ball Super) in their respective broadcast eras.

However, I’ve said I am giving Blackenfist the benefit of the doubt, and he deserves that for bringing up a point I didn’t note in my review. While watching the first episode I initially missed Cha-la Head Cha-la, played by Norihito Sumitomo, and Blackenfist noted it gave the impression that the series was coming back for old and new fans alike. This was a good argument, and one I could have included in my review.

But otherwise, Blackenfist has said he’s unsure about whether or not he will do a Review/Thoughts video every Sunday. It’s up to him, but I’ll have no problem if he does, because as I said his videos are great, definitely the best Youtube Dragon Ball critic alongside Qaaman’s Land and Geekdom101.

In short, I won’t be doing these critiques regularly, only if I have something to add to what another Dragon Ball fan has added.