Dragon Ball Super Simulcast Extends to UK

Following the recent news of a Dragon Ball Super simulcast on a number of streaming services in North American and Australia, Anime News Network has revealed UK viewers will be able to access the simulcast on Daisuki.

Anime News Network
Daisuki Details Streaming Areas, Languages for Dragon Ball Super Stream
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Dragon Ball Super… One Year On

Today marks a full year since the premier of Dragon Ball Super in Japan. The series, which has become a somewhat polarizing subject in the already divided Dragon Ball fanbase has of course had its ups and downs, and personally there are aspects I enjoy and others I don’t, but otherwise it’s been a fun ride and one I am happy to write about today.


Initially the thought of writing this blog came because, while Dragon Ball may indeed continue for years to come the existence of Dragon Ball Super is a unique thing itself, primarily because as a fan of the franchise it’s hard to imagine anything that could have ever, or will ever have the same kind of hype again. Since this show was the first all-new series of new content (at least after the Resurrection F arc) in such a long time it was inevitably going to be something of a curiosity. Will fans ever have to wait anywhere around 18 years for a new series, will it ever be as meaningful should Dragon Ball Super fail? Dragon Ball GT did not exactly set the world on fire the same way Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z did. So what if the same happened to Super? Unlike GT, Toriyama has been a little more involved with Super, certainly not to the same extent as Ball and Z, but just his name was enough to have fans all over the world cling on to the hope this would be a great series.


That said the fact we were getting a new series in this day and age carries with it a number of questions. Was Dragon Ball now becoming a Pokemon, or a Yu-Gi-Oh, or even Beyblade? All series that have been around for a while, but none have any end in sight because they print money for the creators and studios that benefit from them. Some would say such shows are merely toy commercials. Additionally there was the challenge of keeping Dragon Ball up to the standards of modern animation and storytelling. While the series hasn’t lived up to its hype for many the improvements in both animation and story, and Norihito Sumitomo’s score since the Universe 6 is in my opinion indicative of a TOEI who has been bombarded with complaints and is now putting more effort into the show.


How much longer can we see such improvements? Will it last? Such questions all depend upon how long Super runs for, but with at least another arc teased for after the current Future Trunks arc it could be a little longer, and Super may be looked upon as not a great, but a decent and watchable addition to the franchise, and one Chris Sabat and the rest at Funimation will look forward to dubbing.


So for now I am cautiously optimistic for the future of this series, and if it continues it will be a nice addition to my existing collection of Dragon Ball DVDs and Blu-Rays when the Funimation home release containing the future dubbed and official subbed version comes out. Like many other fans I am also interested in everything else that’s yet to come from the Viz translation of the manga due for a print release next year, and the Toonami Asia dub, which should be premiering soon.


And for those interested in this blog and my reviews, I do plan to continue, even at times it feels I’ve abandoned this space (which I haven’t). I have a very busy life, but will return to this blog when I can, even my shamefully neglected Super reviews. At this point I may continue them all slowly but surely, or do overall reviews for each arc, keep watching this space for more.

Dragon Ball Super Asian English dub to debut in India next month

It was previously revealed that an alternate English dub of Dragon Ball Super was to air on Toonami Asia.

Up until now it was unsure where this dub, which will not feature the Funimation cast would be released, but as of yesterday Dragon Ball Insider has named India as one of the countries where the dub is expected to air.

It is not sure when the dub will air in other Asian Pacific states, but the article names some of the other states, where fans may expect to hear news about the dub airing.

The dubbing company, and actors involved are still unknown, but this is the first news reveal about the dub since its initial announcement.

Dragon Ball Insider revealed:

Back in November is was revealed that Toonami Asia picked up the license for Dragon Ball Super marking this the first announcement of a release outside of Japan. With no definitive broadcast date announced at the time, earlier today the official Toonami India Twitter account revealed that Dragon Ball Super will begin airing “next month”.

Dragon ball super toonami india

This broadcast of Dragon Ball Super will be dubbed in English, however, it is still unclear which studio will be doing the dub. We do know, however, that FUNimation has no connection to this, but this does not mean that FUNimation won’t be dubbing Dragon Ball Super in the future. In this case the Asian Pacific Market will be getting a different English dub (yes there are multiple English dubs). We did reach out to Toonami Asia for more specific details regarding which studio will be doing the dub, but we have not yet heard back.

Toonami (Asia) is available in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Maldives, and India. As such, this still indicates that the series will not be released in the United States; it is solely being marketed for the Asian Pacific Market.

Dragon Ball Super is expected to receive a Funimation dub at a later point but it is unsure whether Ocean Productions or other companies previously involved with the Dragon Ball series will produce their own English dub of the series.

Keep watching this post for further details on the dub.

Update : Dragon Ball Super Collected Manga Available Tomorrrow

As previously reported by Kanzenshuu tomorrow will see the debut of the first collected Dragon Ball Super manga containing the first 9 chapters of the monthly series.

Additionally, this volume will include a joint interview with Akira Toriyama and Toyataro where they discuss the future of the Dragon Ball story. Whether this will be subtle hints at what we can expect from the coming chapters and episodes of the Dragon Ball Super or spinoffs, one shot mangas or TV specials remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, with the end of the Universe 6 tournament drawing near it will be interesting to hear what is to come.

Keep watching this space for updates on the manga and all things Dragon Ball.



Dale Kelly Interview Tonight

As stated on Kanzenshuu recently, Dale Kelly, the voice of Captain Ginyu and the narrator of Funimation’s original Dragon Ball Z dub for the 1999-2001 Toonami broadcast will be receiving his first interview.


Tune in at 06:30pm CST (Central Canada, America and Mexico) or 01:30am CET (most of Europe).




Resurrrection F 3D to be screened in 3D + Home Release

Fans of Dragon Ball Z who missed the brief UK and Irish theatrical run of Resurrection F can now avail of a second opportunity to see the film, as extra dates have been added, albeit this time a 3D release.

Manga UK added on their official website:

Following its phenomenal success in UK cinemas last Autumn, Manga Entertainment are thrilled to announce the re-release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ in 3D for a limited time in 56 sites across the UK.

The film will be screened at select theatres across the UK in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and South and North Lanarkshire on January 20th.

No dates have been announced for Belfast or Dublin, but keep watching this space for your ticket information or MangaUK’s Facebook page where they will likely reveal new dates and venues once they are added, as was the case with last year’s theatrical run.

Furthermore, the film will receive a home release on Blu-Ray, DVD, and a combo collector’s edition on January 25th.

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F is the 20th film instalment in the franchise. Featuring the return of iconic villain Frieza, this movie has an original story written by Akira Toriyama with Tadayoshi Yamamuro taking directorial duties. Most of the Funimation voice cast starred in the movie including fan favourites such as Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat. The movie received a world dubbed premier at Regal LA Live Stadium, before its general release on August 4th-12th.

Take new Dragon Ball movie reports with a grain of salt

Fans all over the net have been ecstatic over news of a new Dragon Ball movie to possibly complete a trilogy comprising of said film and Battle of Gods and Resurrection F.

However, as of now the news has not been reported by reliable sources.

If anyone wants to hear about an upcoming movie (if its coming) please check Kanzenshuu (best Dragon Ball online resource). There are many sites out there who will spread false information, take each of them with a grain of salt until something concrete from TOEI Animation has been published.